Women posing in yoga outfits

What to Wear to a Yoga Class

Great for not only the body but also the mind, yoga can help you relax, unwind and also improve your health and fitness. If you need help with what to wear to your next yoga session, or just want inspiration, read on for our guide on what to wear for a yoga class.

In general, you can wear a variety of different outfits for yoga, but comfort and adaptability are what you want to focus on. Points to consider: clothes that are too loose or too tight can affect the workout and stop you from performing certain moves correctly and people tend to do yoga barefoot, so wearing shoes could hinder your overall experience too.

Don't sweat the yoga etiquette though (save the sweating for the class)! If you're still unsure about what you can and cannot wear, enquire at your yoga studio in case they have specific guidelines in place.

Firstly, a comfortable and breathable yoga top. Relatively form fitting that won't restrict movement is what you're aiming for. Some moves can be tricky, especially for beginners, and could take a few tries to get right, so it's important to have clothes that don't ride up, down, or get in the way.

Depending on your personal preference, you can choose to wear a long sleeved top, a short sleeved t-shirt, or even a vest or sports bra.

Vests and sports bras are great options because they have no sleeves, which means full, supported mobility. But if you choose a sleeved top, ensure that the material is good quality, not too thick and without large or flared sleeves.

Think: not too baggy, relatively form fitting, comfortable and made with a good quality fabric (such as a moisture wicking fabric) that can help combat sweat.

Next, the bottom half. Are you more of a trousers person? Or are leggings your go-to? Maybe even shorts could be an option for your yoga session.

Clothes for yoga class ideally need to be thin and light, with some form fitting quality to them. A pair of leggings, yoga pants or close fitting shorts would be perfect. Movement is optimal and your clothes need to be able to withstand the stretches and other exercises you may embark on.

You'll probably want to take a jacket to wear before and after class, especially if it's cooler outside. A cardigan or jacket to throw on over your clothes is fine, but make sure to take it off before the class!

Equipment can play a part in making your yoga experience productive - yoga mats, balls, blocks and even massagers can ensure you get the most out of yoga. Ask your instructor if they have any recommendations, as you may not need them for every class.

Yoga balls and blocks can assist with certain exercises during your yoga class and help to improve some physical aspects that yoga can target, so you may decide to take one with you just in case, but your studio may provide some also.

A yoga mat is your best friend during a yoga session. Helping you to keep your balance on the floor, they can also aid in the workout, by helping to keep you steady when you're performing moves. A yoga mat is essential in our opinion.

As well as a yoga mat, you can take a yoga towel. Some yoga towels can be used as yoga mats by themselves, as covers for your own yoga mat, or as a simple towel for those extra strenuous yoga classes.

You may also want to buy a gym bag too, to carry everything in!

Now you're all set for your yoga class - remember to stay comfortable, have fun and relax.