A group of friends posing for a festival selfie

What To Wear To A Festival

So, you're going to your first festival - how exciting! You're going to have a fantastic time but working out what to wear to a festival can be rather tricky. It varies depending on your gender, age and style too, so we are going to take you through the absolute essential festival season items, plus optional extras that may suit you. At the end of the day, what to wear to a festival is entirely a personal choice and it's a good chance to show off your personality and fashion.

Having a festival checklist is a good way to ensure you have everything you need, listing all the clothing, footwear, accessories and equipment you might need for a festival in the UK or abroad. When deciding what to wear to a festival, your first consideration should probably be a lightweight, waterproof jacket because, unfortunately, it always seems to rain! As such, a good old pair of wellies are also part of Festival Packing 101. Wellies are an essential item for a festival. Even if it's predicted hot and sunny weather, the UK is known for its unpredictable rain, so being prepared for anything is a must. You don't want to find yourself covered in mud with only your trainers!If you’re planning on going to a family-friendly festival, make sure the kids are kitted out properly.Kids' wellies will be a lifesaver, protecting their feet and allowing them to have fun.

Now the boring bit's out the way, let's consider your warm weather festival fashion. Top-half festival outfit faves include strappy tops, crop tops, funky t-shirts, band tees and floral tops, while guys are often seen sporting pattern shirts, athleisure t-shirts and retro football shirts at festivals. Open-button shirts, sporty sweatshirts and graphic hoodies are great options for your second layer if it's not as hot as you'd like.

If the weather Gods are smiling on you, then of course shorts, skirts and dresses need to be packed, with denim shorts always a popular festival pick alongside bright, summery skirts and bodycon dresses. Also required are trackies or joggers for when it's colder, or your favourite pair of jeans because that's a look that's never out of place. You might also want to consider swimwear here if you're planning on making use of the showers on site.

Other essentials you'll want to consider include pyjamas and comfy socks for sleeping in, your fave pair of sunglasses and a bucket hat or baseball cap, helpful in keeping the sun off your head and finishing off your 'fit. A festival may also be a good chance to show off your more ‘out there' jewellery, hair accessories and make-up, because everyone loves to try and stand out from the crowd.

In terms of footwear, we've already mentioned wellies but it's always good to reiterate their importance. When you're not ankle deep in mud, though, just wear your trainers (any other colour than white) or your sliders for chilling around the tent. If you've checked the weather and it's destined to be hot and sunny, Crocs could be a summer staple that accompanies you to your chosen festival. Great for wearing around your tent or to the showers, Crocs can be handy for slipping on and off, as well as looking quirky and cool, too. Be wary of changing weather and mud though and always take an extra pair of shoes for emergencies. Do not, under any circumstances, pack any heels - a field is not a place for your stilettos!

Even though this is a what to wear to a festival guide, we feel it necessary to remind you of some festival camping checklist items while you're here. Pop-up tents are a true festival God-send, alongside your other camping gear like sleeping bags, camping chairs and sleeping mats… and a huge camping rucksack to put everything in. Other festival essentials you might forget but you'll really appreciate when you're there are: wet wipes, dry shampoo, a water bottle, painkillers, hand sanitiser, sunscreen and toilet roll, all part of a true festival kit.

Phew, that was quite a lot… but we reckon you're all set to look amazing and have a wonderful festival experience at an arts and music festival this summer.