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We have a fantastic HR department that are responsible for the care and attention of 30,000 Employees across the UK and Europe. And looking after them is our number one priority. Within our Human Resources department lies Health and safety and Payroll. So there is an opportunity for everyone.

Marlena Pawlik – HR

My journey with Sports Direct started when I moved here from Northern Ireland, I was initially working as a warehouse operative , after a while I was given a great opportunity by my lovely Manager, Sharon Goodman, to become part of the Human Resources team, I was initially just meant to help with translation.

I have joined Sports Direct as a Human Resources Administrator on 14th February 2011 (how romantic!!!) with a strong belief that I would not be able to cope with this job wrong was I :-). Over the years I have been promoted to a Human Resources Advisor and now I cannot imagine doing anything else other than my job.

During all those years I have been challenging myself with all the jobs I have been given, currently I am looking after Warehouse, Transport and Polish stores payroll and HR issues. I have been given a great opportunity to work with a very skilled group of people who helped me to develop myself as well as being able to meet fantastic people. Since May 2013 I have been thrown into the deep end by being asked to look after our stores in Poland, it began with massive stress and ended up with huge success, so I am feeling proud of taking part and this is my biggest achievement so far although I am hoping that this is only a beginning of my ongoing career with SD.

About you

You would need to have the relevant qualifications and experience and this will obviously be important. But being Sports Direct we also place a premium on the personality of our people.

We want people who care about all the brand and fascia’s and be able to use your skills to help, encourage and support the wider Sports Direct family.

The application process

You will need to fill in a few details online including your contact information and career history, you will also be asked to upload your CV.

If selected you will be invited to attend an interview process that may vary dependant on the role or department applied for.

Working in HR

We care about our people, so we will be relying on you to help deliver that message across Sports Direct. Being adaptable to situations that arise in store and at head office. The majority of our HR roles are based at our head office in Shirebrook.

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