As well as the opportunity to earn up to 5% as an Individual on 5 Star Product, upon earning this commission the same amount will also be added to your stores Pot. This ‘Store Pot’ is then built up over a period of time and then paid out to the individuals that have contributed to that store. So as well as earning up to 5% for yourself , we will also match this figure again and add it to the Store’s Pot

In the past some of our outstanding individuals have earned an additional £2.00 per hour on top of their pay. This has meant that some of our top performers have earned an extra £5,000 in a year purely through 5 Star commission sales!! Basically, the potential earnings are not capped. The higher the contribution to 5 Star, the more you can earn!!!

In addition to our 5 star commission scheme our teams can benefit from Awards, prizes and rewards for those who go the extra mile. An endless selection of top class tickets to sporting & music events including Premiership and International Football matches, Rugby, Golf, Tennis and Prize Fight Boxing but to name a few. For those who really deliver there is the chance to enjoy a weeks holiday (additional to your holiday allowance) to Switzerland offering a “Once in a Lifetime” experience on the slopes that you won’t forget.

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Michael Smithyman - In-Store Staff

I find that selling 5 star products is extremely motivating and challenging, especially when other colleagues are competing against you in store and from other stores. Being praised by management, and making money whilst doing this is an added bonus.

I think my confidence on the shop floor plays a big part in selling 5 star products, especially the Dunlop Gel insoles, approaching customers looking at table stock rather than them coming to you I think increases your chances of selling especially if the table stock is 5 star itself like Karrimor or Dunlop etc.

Myself, my partner and 2 children have just been to Butlins Skegness a few weeks ago and pretty much the commission paid for it all over the last 6 - 8 month, again making money for my family and making them happy plays a massive part in my confidence on the shop floor, myself and partner are getting married next June, so again I have a massive target to aim for and making money to help with that is my ultimate aim.

With all the 5 stars now available in store I feel like we are really spoilt for choice, what to add with what to get the 5% on that product and even without add-ons, for me it’s like my eyes light up every time I see a potential kpi sale as daft as it sounds, without a doubt I will continue to sell, sell, sell.

Eric Hiron - In-Store Staff

I have been with the company for few years now and the idea of the five star scheme sounded like easy money because it is just selling a customer everything they need but with an incentive to maximise sales.

The scheme started off a bit tricky with how the add-ons were connected but now the possibilities are endless with no cap on the amount you can earn. The scheme makes the job just so fulfilling, seeing the customer so happy with their purchase just makes it worthwhile in my eyes. The new scheme just urges you to improve all aspects of selling and your customer service to maximise the five star sales as I have already brought an apple watch with my five star earning and have nearly paid off my 10 day trip to New York.

Jordan Capel - In-Store Staff

I started at sports direct back in 2011 just as a little way to earn a bit extra while at university.

I currently work on the shoe department in sports direct at Wheatley Hall road in Doncaster. I can honestly say the amount of opportunities that I’ve been given and potential to earn money is fantastic. I currently earn, on average, around an extra £3 an hour on top of my normal wage. Per week I can earn anywhere between £140 to £180, which then per month gives me an astonishing £550 to £650 a month!! This is again on top of my normal wage!! So the earning potential for me and anyone else in this job is endless. You make your own wage and being a uni student this definitely helps!

I would say my motive is to pay off as much of my university fees as possible, which then of course allows me to prioritise my money on much more important things such as night outs and events!!!

All joking aside, this scheme has definitely benefitted me financially. I`m able to enjoy myself at work with the added bonus of earning just for doing my job… Great! To top it off I work in one of the best stores, the atmosphere I work around is ecstatic and buzzing, you`re always encouraged to earn as much as possible , have fun while doing it and feel part of the team.

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